• myspilledink 15w

    The Taste Of Your Betrayal

    It wasn't all at once but
    Slow and steady blows in turn
    I thought I was savoring
    The dishes of love,
    Little I knew the poison involved
    It killed me little by little
    Those petty fights and excuses given
    I am not sure about the fact
    You ever saw me with hearty attract
    I swallowed the poison thinking aid
    I wish I hadn't taken forward
    Your words and wish of getting laid
    You had your ways out of me
    Now I regret opening up to thee
    There isn't any night when I don't cry
    Wish you experienced my helpless plight
    And then when I wake up
    I see in the mirror broken heart of mine
    The taste of your betrayal has
    Made me numb to every other sight
    I wish you too get to savor
    The dish you served me in name of delight.