• maxxxxx_ 65w

    Continuously loving you.

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    Alas, you have found me
    I have been waiting for you for eternity
    Time cannot skip this prophecy
    All will be well if they’re meant to be

    Love, why are you looking all so shy?
    I am in ecstacy I could cry
    Our longingness cannot be quantify
    You no longer need to defy

    Call my name in a whisper
    It makes our heart beat faster
    Cage me in your arms with tender
    We have grown lovingly fonder

    You always look at me with adoration
    Never did had any qualifications
    Accepted me, even my imperfections
    Showed your pure intentions

    Passionately loving me tirelessly
    You carefully move your way towards me
    Pulled me close to you effortlessly
    I hear your heart beat furiously