• maz_999 56w


    Sounds felt like emotions and that was how your love was
    Your love felt too different, more like it was bewitched and cursed
    I felt more addicted to your love than you, it was a scary path
    Years after our split, your presence still lingers even though you're the past

    You made an excuse for everything, it showed how you were petty
    You were the virus in the relationship and it wasn't healthy
    Happiness was a longshot and heartbreak became a confetti
    To think you came into my life for the better, just to leave it messy

    We were too toxic for each other, we had our ups and downs
    Let's be real we didn't love one another, just two vexed up clowns
    Thinking love was colorful and bright, instead was tiring and blind
    Forever wasn't meant for us and I'm glad it ended in dued time