• ursanonymous_ 37w

    #we need freedom

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    Yes, I need my own freedom ,
    So that I can be the queen of my kingdom.

    You influence my goal and cut my feather,
    You know I am strong just like a heather.

    You speak stupid and tell it's a belief,
    You should know , for devils I am always a mischief.

    Let me make it clear I am stubborn,
    Don't try to suppress my thoughts, or else I will be a thorn .

    If I grow rebellious , strong and passionate,
    Don't blame me ,cause you changed the version of compassionate.

    You tell you do it all for my benefit,
    Stop it I don't need this pity like am a doll to fit.

    Whatever I do you give it the worse rejection,
    But you know what I never asked for any suggestion.

    It's good you are worrying about me,
    While it drives me crazy as you always stop me.

    By your nasty guidance you just make me broken,
    There are thousands of words that remain unspoken.

    You drive away everybody and make me alone,
    Do you know , to solve my problems I only have that friendly zone.

    Atlast , I warn you for your filthy attention,
    Or else I will be the poem with no caption.