• mooney2201 91w

    Wrapped in melancholia shall I lie,
    Bleeding vampire feelings,
    In the meadows brown and sear,
    Among the weeping naked woods,
    Faring to nothingness down into macabre oblivion,
    Swept by the wailing wind,
    Siphoning my redolence.

    Fearless shall I rest,
    On to the voiceless terra-firma,
    With my wizened leaves and wilted petals,
    Sloughing hiraeth,
    Engyved in the wabi-sabi of the deep end,
    Amidst the sweet anagapesis for life.

    Softly shall I crawl,
    Towards my fertile grave,
    Uncloaking the answers to my existence,
    Eventually opening my eyes to the ultimate truth,
    That I denied all along.

    With the last drop of the iridiscent elixir,
    Shall I fly into the new horizons,
    Turning golden again,
    Shall I live.x

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    #pod #death #flower #poetry

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    Death of a Flower

    We are all crushed leaves
    Lying on the untrodden path
    Moving alongwith the relentless wind
    No confidant,no ipseity,no reason,no destination.x