• rodney 35w

    21st October, 2020.
    8:11 p.m.

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    She's distant,
    My soon to be —

    Mud of my mud.
    Rib of my ribs.

    Darling, my one and only darling.

    The different things our eyes see and the different lust our bodies crave.
    The seed grows where Almighty flows his water.
    The earth on which our sin breeds —

    Darling, you are all I ever needed.

    For His ways are complex.
    My loneliness has its reflexes.

    However long my hurts have bled.
    However long it took to heal the dead flesh.

    Yours and my heart pumps the same blood.

    Humans name it letters but they all look red.

    Until the day we wed and the life we'll spend.

    Rest well, eat well and don't cry.

    Now is distant.

    You are anonymous.

    But until then, let me lift you up and kiss your serendipitous lips —
    In the chorus of this art that I created, just for your heart to think straight.

    Babe, let it think straight;
    Let me carry your weight —

    Rest on my shoulders, I'll softly sail you across tonight.