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    You can easily say no to my opinion,but everyone has experienced it anyway.. let's go back..when you dreamt of having a bicycle every night you would think of it..but the day you get it will not be as same as you dreamt of , the start of a new year in your school..the first day in your college.. getting a new bike or a scooter, a new job,a lifetime memorable trip with your squad,a day with your Loved one, first salary everything ! You would have got or accomplished your dream but always it would be less enthusiastic then you dreamt how it would be ! You have to get along and enjoy ��..This is the aspect of life ��

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    Aspect of life

    You dream' of every single thing in your life before you get it or you accomplish it,but the joyfulness you experience when dream come true will not be the same as it was while dreaming it.. This is the aspect of life