• squared 55w

    A little more
    Do my shoulders feel
    Carrying on the
    Layered misery.

    Elegies which I wrote
    Are a psalm for my
    Rotten despondency
    And ugly for fortunes.

    After an ode to hope
    I am shy to write
    A rapid thesis of peace
    Which is under fright.

    Grief has committed
    Sick violence with
    The vast gaiety
    In the battle of intimacy.

    Bloom was brittle now
    Like my glassed feels
    I feel cosy sleeping
    Even in the nest of nightmare.

    I was shouting for love
    In the dry deaf ears
    Which echoed my voids
    With cacophony and deceit.

    My illusive emotions
    Killed me more than pain
    I could feel my shadow
    Crying without noise.

    Despite detaching joy
    from tear that made hurdles
    In my hollow heart,
    I ended being a monarch
    Of befriending burdens.


    Let’s get high together XD
    Ps: i am learning to write good :)


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