• myrrhc 11w

    "cherry blossoms fall like rain here in spring."
    -josee (josee, the tiger and the fish).

    i think. there must be something wrong with the sky. yesterday, it had bits of itself smothered into sunlight—no clouds or birds or dust. the usual way it feels to weigh suffocation and dispersion. rain is something that hugs you as well, no different than air, but i am afraid its embrace is something one doesn't find enough. splashes from the same sea, drying up on shoelaces as one looks for the river. you are on loose matter that is stifling you around. one way or another, it made me feel like it's a curtain. this world is no more or less a window, and the sky is a curtain hiding the rest of the solar system's domain. maybe because space is an accomplice to time and thoughts and light and all things that spark oblivion. they are hiding astonishments from an i who doesn't think she's worthy. perhaps my embrace has become as warm as the sun these days; my words have grown as dispersed as cherry blossoms. maybe that's why one prefers rain.

    thank you so much. *curtseys*.
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