• zeeshanjawed_ 29w

    Rohan's house.
    Doorbell rings.

    Rohan opens the door, It's Pranay.

    Rohan: "Hey man,Sup?"

    Pranay looks paler than usual.

    Pranay(replies grimly): Rohan, I don't have much time,I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful times we've had together and for being such a good friend.

    Rohan (puzzled):"Why are you saying all

    Pranay(turns to leave):"You'll understand,
    Goodbye Rohan"

    Rohan,still perplexed,closes the door. Suddenly,his phone rings. It's Kabir.

    Rohan(picks up): "Hey man, what's up"

    Kabir(sobbing uncontrollably) : "There was....an accident....Pranay.....he...he...died on spot....."