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    | 22nd August, 2020 | Thank you @mirakee for making this POD and @writersnetwork for the kind repost :")

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    M o n o t o n y :
    is a twenty nine years old man who rushes to catch the nine o'clock local every morning , never chooses coffee over tea, has stopped feeling breeze in the front porch of his house and is unaware that routine kills more than adventure.

    B e a u t y :
    is a hundred years old painting which this generation feels is owned by the wealthiest man in the auction , unaware that it's creator roamed in woods for years, plucked two wildflowers and grinded them to bring out the perfect roseate. That ruthless dedication is something one cannot buy . Everything else is affordable.

    H o p e :
    is a fifty years old lady whose husband went missing years ago but she diligently parts her hair every morning and neatly makes vermillion squat between them, thereafter she tells her children that their father would be home soon.

    F r e e d o m :
    is a twenty years old girl who has woken up this morning with a quiet mind , has made peace with the cuts on her wrist and isn't scared to visit all those places that reminds her of him. When she constantly failed at hating, she tried loving him more.

    P a s t :
    is your favourite bird dead inside a cage that cried terribly before death. The echo of her painful voice might keep you awake for several nights but trust me you couldn't have done anything to save her.

    A r t :
    is a thirty years old man along the banks of river Ganges carrying a large metallic kettle and flute, serving tea in small clay mugs, and filling a hundred grey, wrecked hearts with melodies. Foolish are those who feel that they can pay him.

    L o v e :
    is a Shakespearean sonnet printed on page number eighteen of the ninth grade textbook , that everyone read and recited multiple times to score in terminal examinations, yet only few understood and kept within them for longer than a year.

    M e m o r y :
    is a little heart engraved on a dust laden old bench with two names compressed within it. Each time one of them crosses the bench , it makes them smile like a little one who just found her lost yellow clips.

    F a t e :
    is a sixty five years old woman who was widowed when fourteen, got her hairs shaved and lived the rest of her life in whites. In the first few years she wondered that her life could have been different in so many ways and cried. Lately she accepted the way it is and smiles.

    H a t r e d :
    is a fourteen year old juvenile struggling to draw a sunflower in correction home , who choked his father to death last Monday. Absolutely no one except his pale mother knows that he is the result of a process rather than a moment.