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    Heart: Woke up early today! Blessed Dusshera
    and Baba Mahasamadhi! My altar is beautiful
    in my own way!
    Conscience : Managed to pray and decorate everything?

    Heart : Oh yes! When I bathe Baba and Hanuman I wiped
    them nicely and hugged them and the whole time I
    had you with me. I cried
    Conscience : You should think and focus on god.
    You shouldn’t be thinking about me though :/

    Heart : I feel it was really for you today. From the time
    I bathe them, it was you in my mind while I
    chant and until finish ��.
    Conscience : You have all the Sanskrit mantras memorized
    by now? After always doing it?

    Heart : Yes, The ones that I do daily.
    Conscience : Do you recite form a book?
    Heart : No, These I can memorize.

    **She felt fulfilled looking at her altar. It's beautiful in her own way and in her own terms of love. Blessed Dusshera and Bless Baba Mahasamadhi ❤️Much love to all. Don't forget to live ❤️**

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    Blessed Dusshera and Baba Mahasamadhi ❤️