• woodsorrels 12w

    Sunless Borders

    I have been growing hope
    In your backyard even when the
    Showers of your town didn't crack up
    Rainbows in your skies and the soil
    You dusted your feet with every noon,
    Withdrew to breed the bumps of
    Wood-sorrels and shamrocks
    My arms spread large like an early bird
    To wave the first chaplet of godsends
    And chisel a summer of happiness
    On your spine only to see you smile like those
    Abandoned flowers of a spent spring
    That were cooked half under the sun
    And half under clogged lakes of January
    Whacked by the wind one congested
    Winter night, yet they never forgot to smile
    From the lines of the torso to
    The roots of their gut, they invariably
    Worshipped "a last leaf of life"
    And when sunflowers fell off my
    Face one dawning, I understood it was you
    The sunlight in your orbs and the conviction
    Your petals held up cued me of a bud sunflower
    I once took out from sunless borders
    To the yellow, now that, there is so much
    Sunshine slumping off your shoulders
    I wish you advance this to another
    Flower who is under the cloud