• nobaddays2020 13w


    Feeling a change, a shift in the middle of the apocalypse 2021... Everybody, everything is universally pulling through it. What you see, what you want, what you love, how you live is all based on fear and blind. You have to have an open mind because you may not make it to the 5th dimension of time. We who foresee faithfully with love and positivity to every little being consciously awaken and save us all. So as I finally close my eyes ask myself why I think about these things and feel like i'll prevail. Is because I know I care and I'm aware I cannot just watch it all go away. If I love the Lord so I'm saved, with speaking through the truthfulness of the heart angels come spreading their wings, and miracles come my way. So as I meditate away, please fill me in, so I can bring consciousness with my form of influence and guidance in a universal way.. We pray, We pray, We pray... Affirmations repeating and surfacing and come to the light... I'm not Satan, Im not a god or a prophet or a puppet just a human being with a heart. Focused on balancing out infinity through creativity and bringing Ascendance to our liberty and we will be living in divine eternity.. ✌️