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    When a part of Section 377 was declared unconstitutional in September of 2018, the LGBTQIA community was overjoyed.
    Three years later, even in 2021 the situation is quite the same.
    Though it’s not criminal offence anymore, the moral policing is still there.

    And I am not talking about the mob attacks or discrimination in public.
    How many of you would really support a friend who comes out of the closet and not make fun of them?
    I don’t even want to talk about the slurs and names people of the LGBTQIA community are called on a daily basis. It’s simply wrong.

    And no, don’t try to justify that.

    I know we grew up in a society that considered any sexual orientation other than a male or female to be a sin. But you blaming that on your conditioning and refusing to change your mindset is exactly the orthodox thinking we grew up observing, and you are making sure that it will continue.

    As an ally to the LGBTQIA community, all I am asking you to do is be open to accepting them as they are. Not change them. Not shame them for being who they are.
    They are still the same person you knew.

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