• jpwriter 6w

    Beauty of Nature

    Empty eyes sidelined over the endless Zander
    While thoughts are caught in an airless somber
    That day had a way with it's unavowed tales
    It's history was mystery not to be unveiled
    As the whales gracefully tasted the plankton
    The aura of God made plentiful 
    As they spouted & thanked him

    Quibbles & bickering seemed petty to this moment
    The realization grew thicker to a foreseeable omen
    An exponent of variables formulated abruptly
    The sea became angry and the atmosphere dusty
    It arose from the East toggling to the west
    Enclosed was a beast, exhausted for rest
    A herculean breath inhaled Nature's knees
    Buckling its the beauty, showing it's power 
    For the world to see