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    In India, from tomorrow the 9 days of Navaratri are beginning. It's a festival to celebrate the power of Shakti, one can say Supreme Mother. And for the Bengalis today is Mahalaya that technically announces the journey of Ma Durga's journey from her celestial abode to Earth to bless her Earth children. For me personally, autumn starts today. The sun, breeze, and everything around has changed.

    And I hope everything changes for you all for the better. Wishing you a very very happy time ahead,. irrespective of our faith and citizenship. Thank you for all the love. Happy reading.

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    The days of Ma

    A mellow Sun peeps out to check
    on Earth, for Mother is to arrive,
    the paths are clean, wind is soft,
    flowers smile with glee, and every heart
    brims with love, hope, faith and more,
    to see the end of darkness, with
    light of new dawn warming our souls.