• teenangst 76w

    Drifting Apart

    Walking past each other
    No eye contact (No eye Contact)
    There goes another
    My hearts been ransacked

    Becoming so used to the pain
    I just become numb not caring anymore
    Blaming myself engraving it in my brain
    Fighting my mental war

    It's a shame thinking you mean something to someone
    Only to see you're the only one making the risks
    Suffering through all of this conflict
    I'm tired of being tired I'm tired of being sick!

    We can't look each other in the face anymore
    Can't even hold a conversation without feeling awkward
    My emotions being torn and tortured
    We're going backwards instead of forward!

    Always looking on the bright side of things
    Hoping you'd be the one
    Hoping I finally meant something to someone!
    Hoping that finally someone could cut my strings
    But everyone keeps breaking my heart..

    I'm Drifting Apart.. Drifting Apart
    Drifting Apart, Drifting Apart..
    Drifting Apart, Drifting Apart..

    Wishing someone could jumpstart this thing in my chest
    He had the cables but threw them to the side
    All of this information is hard to digest hard to process
    I thought you were my ride and die but you were my ride and lie

    Going from Cloud nine to square one
    If you want to be with someone else
    How miserable do I have to be just to make you happy!
    I've gone from sappy to snappy
    All these thoughts and memories on rerun..

    I walk faster head down to hide my tears
    Bumping into people accidentally tears in my eyes
    They ask if I'm ok I tell them lies
    My feelings begin to disappear

    My heart shrivels and blackened
    My eyes go from golden specks to dull marbles
    Why did all of this have to happen..
    Leaving my heart and soul in shambles

    I'm Drifting Apart, Drifting Apart..
    Drifting Apart, Drifting Apart..