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    Someone once said that "Loving ones is a loosing game".

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    My Old Man

    Hey there, if you are realy going to read this, I am telling you thst it is a real story that connects my heart so much even when I am writing this reality. So enjoy it, and if posible learn something.

    This story starts from the day when me and my family was transferring to a colony. It was my first time that I was going to a new place so I was exited as well as nervous because I was thinking about what will be the reaction of the peoples around me at that time. When we arived there, I saw that there was no one out there, I am thinking that it is because it was noon time. So as we reached our new home we were feeling so tired that I threw my shoes and and jump flat on the bed.

    Time passed, slowly slowly all the things were getting normal and I also made freinds. We used to play only indoor games like ludo, carrom, computers etc. One day, my mom asked me to but some potatos from the nearby shop. It was realy rare for me that I came out from that building. When I was in my way back home, I saw an old man watering his plants in his small garden. I don't know why but I gone closer to him and asked that why is he doing so because I thought that who will take care of those plants when he will die. He told something that I could never expact at that time, he said "I know, I will soon went from this world forever but I thought to give some contribution to this poluted world, and as long as I will be here, these plants will never gonna fall off". Some how I became interested in his beautiful words which are still covered in my heart and these words are still sounds epic for me.
    After some conversation with him, I realised that it was 8 pm already, and I was very much afraid of my mom that whenever I do something out of her orders, she used to scold me so much. So I ran towards my home hanging the bag o my shoulders.

    From that day, I used to go to his home everyday and listening and talking till it was evening. Whenever I was depressed, he do something funny to make me happy and give me something to eat everyday. He was lonely person whose sons and daughters came to visit him every week because they didn't get enough time to stay with him. One of his son gave him some money every month to live a perfect life and hired a person to take care of his house and his diet.

    Everyday, I knew something new about him. After some months when I entered his home I saw the same plant which I saw the old man watering them when I first met him. It had became a true healthy tree at that time and I was surprised that it had grown grown that well. But when I entered further I saw my old man laying on the bed and a person was taking care of him. I was realy sad to seeing him ill at time. After I asked about his health, he said me that he was fine and asked me to watering the plants. I immediately said yes and started watering his trees and plants. After that I also take care of him for sometime. When I came late to my home, I didn't even listened to my mom's scolding because of the negative thoughts about the old man.

    After a whole year later when I was comming back to my home from the school, I saw croud of people around my old man's house and I rushed through the wondering croud and what I saw, make my soul stop for a moment. I saw his photo with garland of flowers and a bright dipa infront of his photo. It became so clear for me that why there was a croud around his house.

    It make me go through a big depression moment for some weeks. After some time all the things became normal. One day when I was going to the playground I saw the same tree and it was still there and making me thought that it was saying thank you to me and my old man.