• solivagant2 43w

    Scared girl

    There is a girl afraid of the world
    She sits in her own little hut
    Waiting for the world to come
    Why won't it arrive?
    Because it doesn't know that a lonely girl awaits in her hut

    There is a girl I have seen rarely around
    I find her ripped by the twigs staring through the window
    Once I talked to her about her life
    That was the first time she saw me alive
    She wears air as if it will hide her
    And shuffles on the road like a mouse
    All her life she has lived behind
    The four walls of her own mind
    She expects the world is magical
    But it's not palpable enough
    So she takes her letters through tiny compartment
    And call the mailman her friends

    I want to tell her that the world isn't so bad
    It is full of beauty hidden to be felt
    The world has many strangers dealt
    She won't be a bad addition
    Maybe if she step out and see
    And let her eyes be free
    She may find that it is not so difficult
    To leave that comfort behind