• riyabhagtani 207w

    There's something about one day trips with strangers,
    You start with awkwardness and end up being so comfortable,
    You don't carry any expectations the whole day,
    You feel a little more confident in fitting in,
    The tales that you were suppose to narrate to only yourself are now shared with another person,
    Without knowing their names and background you tell them secrets your best friend might not know,
    You don't carry luggage of judgments.
    It's so beautiful how we start with strangers and be best friends throughout the day and end up being strangers again,
    How it hurts to say that "Goodbye" and "All the Best for your future"
    How life takes you to different locations with similar touch of the people,
    So I collect as many stranger-best friends as I can,
    Because on one Sunday evening when I won't be able to trek anymore or go to the coolest cafe or just sit at metro station to observe people hustle,
    I'd sit in my balcony with similar coffee from that cafe,
    Kinda similar view from that trek,
    Hustle of people down on the streets,
    I'd remember each one of them,
    I'd smile at their stories,
    I'd try to remember my tales,
    Far away in some weird town,
    I'd still wish to bump into them.