• aries_queen 69w


    One who seemed like he understands me
    Who showed me many positive things in life
    Who made me believe in love
    Has been showing total misunderstanding
    Has been judging me at places where I try my best to not poke my nose
    Just trying to be my best but it's coming back and biting me
    Inspite of hearing love you whole day
    I don't feel love!
    Is that how it is supposed to be.
    Is this how much love means to people
    Is this how ugly it turns out.
    Changed a lot of my behavior
    Have been avoiding emotional burden of people at home even
    But for him , I am becoming more emotional than robotic
    I am afraid in acknowledging my emotions
    I am afraid in talking even now
    Is it going to be a nightmare!
    Have I made mistake by going with someone at all.
    It's very haunting and scary to share everything with someone
    And that someone behaving wierdly
    Just feels like there is no end to pain in this life
    I feel to just get free from this life and not being alive!!