• djehanepoetry 17w

    Tiny Snow-flowers

    Snowflakes are waltzing in the sky like beads from Heaven!
    We stood there, my daughter and I, marveling at these tiny,
    Transparent carved jewels! Yes, for the first time we were
    Able to closely observe their forms, which elicited cries
    Of joy and wonder from us. We always thought that flurries
    Were just shapeless, white, powdery substances swirling
    In the air that settled on houses, trees, shrubs, cars,
    Pedestrians’ clothes, then, finally, on the ground; their
    Structure is truly amazing and so diverse:
    They look like crystal flowers standing out on the dark
    Velvet background of our coats! Do we dare to hold them in
    Our hands? As we attempt to follow their lacy contours with
    An inquisitive finger, immediately melting, they disappear!
    As if we were witnessing a scientific discovery,
    We experienced a great enthusiasm… The unique
    Production of the Divine Artisan is truly incomparable!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 54