• belovedstranger 19w

    I walk with a purpose, I surface from the bottom.
    I know what I stand for now.

    Don't ask those that know me, in a long-time fashion, about the man I have become.

    Not much to show from the wrong way of asking.

    This vocal excursion paints a persona I'm not.
    This is how near it be to the truth.

    Don't take my word if sounds too absurd.

    I'm not acting but actions, in fact, are more fact than most words.

    There's a fear factor of fear-free in me that's been freeing me.

    The guilt off my shoulders, if it were boulders could orbit the sun.

    With confidence won, my convictions are over. This awakened awareness is rarely as close to a sobering one.

    When I'm over and done, hopefully, some of the lost in this world will be closer to one.

    If any at all, the memories fall in the hearts with the love I pass down.

    I'll go, with peace, in a curious way forgiving myself and the world for it all....

    #Love #Memory #Write

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