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    Dear A
    I knew you were broken, on the day you asked me to leave , and I knew I was a fool when I said "I won't". Once you are bound with a tie, you are not supposed to leave, even if they ask you to, thats what I thought and on the way I changed you.

    At first, I didn't know how to help you, and as seasons changed, I discovered a way. I pulled out my screws and put them in you, carefully, patiently, mending people can take time. You grew like a seed that was dormant for ages, only waiting for the water of love. But to pour it in you, I was emptying myself. Sometimes, my hands shook with pain of trying too much, but at times my eyes bled with flowers when I saw you coming to life.

    I won't lie, I have wondered whether it was worth it, all the silence I inhaled to give you words, all the colours I spilled on your canvas while mine remained white, the scars I fixed while my wounds never healed, was it worth the sapling I nurtured, the one for whom I became soil, giving away as I lost my parts.

    On that day, if I had asked you to leave, what would you say? Its a question that has always haunted me, perhaps because I know the answer.

    But I hope all my ashes will be the birth of your phoenix, I hope you will live along with my screws, and one day I might find someone who is willing to fix me too.

    A friend

    Thankyou so much!!! @writersnetwork for the repost.
    love you!!!

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