• kairos_ 32w

    Once doors that
    opened willingly with a smile
    now creaked alone
    watching years fly by
    begging me to leave
    like I did before

    How I wished
    to smell the lost times,
    whiffs of which
    stayed in the wardrobe
    rotten now inside out
    like my worn out mind
    giving up

    Stepping on the floor without care
    each tile yelled about
    little fingers crawling
    working feet rushing
    aging bodies limping
    I could hear them well,
    without any recognition

    Paints on the wall
    falling off bit by bit,
    commemorating the ones
    that left and my return,
    loved ones that stayed
    questioned my loyalty
    albeit in a frame

    Shouldering my past,
    my knees crumbled like
    those old pillars,
    windows welcomed me
    with a caressing wind and
    a stench of familiarity,
    both, I once abandoned

    a stranger I became which I always was,
    in my broken home.

    - T.S.


    @writersnetwork Thank you for the welcome. Hoping that your team has been alright.

    @mirakee Grateful to you too. Thanks for making our lives, readers and writers alike a tad bit better.

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    "left to come back,
    right to stay and not.
    correcting times and wrongs,
    forgetting right paths."