• vishav_chauhan 69w

    Speak Your Truth

    ( balancing right and left hemishpere of brain )
    As we are in amidst of warfare inside us all ,
    this time, it is a spiritual and psychological warfare ,
    it's reflecting outward , PLANdemic / SCAMdemic/ dystopia,
    In this war, Victory is Awakening, Sleeping is Slavery
    this Crisis is a trigger , using it as guide to Victory.
    strategy is to take stand and speak your truth
    need more critical thinkers, more Awaken people,
    musculinity getting back in action to make balance again between musculine and feminine energy
    to balance left and right brain,
    from "Allegory of the cave" at what level of consciousness you are
    it will still be a choice ,as
    "ignorance is strength "
    "freedom is slavery"
    our frequency / energy/ vibes, attention, is our weapons, so raise up your frequency, use wisely
    and we will meet up there, to get evolve collectively
    to renew this world , be prepared more major events are coming , natural , karmic , man's cause and effect,
    It's purge process, it will take time ( more pressure /chaos /panic /protest against biggest deception in human history ) until you wake up ,and speak your truth to innerstand this illusion and experience this shift
    speak and act your truth
    - ViSHAViSM , Artist of Consciousness