• divyagautam 128w

    Everything in my mind is choppy
    Like haphazard jagged icicles waiting
    Just waiting
    To fall and fracture themselves.
    I'm usually afraid of change
    Which is so frequent here,
    That I would have to slow time down
    To notice it.
    Distance has never meant so much
    To just one person
    On one end of a double edged sword
    I try and I try,
    But second best is my residence.

    Everything in my mind is pulling back,
    From them, from him, from me
    Recoil is done best in the confines
    Of a three windowed room in the dark.
    They tell me hastily to quicken my pace
    My fingers tremble when I open locks
    The keys fall, and I shudder at the sight
    Of the red eyed girl I see in the window.
    I am a question mark, preceded by nothing
    Succeeded by silence
    For that is all
    My heart and my soul will ever mean
    To the other end of the sword I weild.