• hamraaz 26w

    things you talk about most of the time

    white coloured sleeves of one of my hoodies,
    21st of every month,
    madhubala's picture kept in the dictionary that abba gave me recently,
    rectangle shaped glasses i used to wear in 4th standard,

    khaled hosseini's a thousand splendid suns,
    red bedsheet in my cousin's bedroom,
    faiz and abbu's poetry,
    humi's wicked smiles and soft cheeks,

    rumi's shers and his love for his friend,
    scratch mark on my thumb,
    blue kurti that i hate but you love,
    ammi's kisses and vanilla flavour ice cream garnished with pistachios,

    my best friend's texts and random phone calls,
    the til mark on my collarbone,
    my cousin's jhumka that i wore only in one ear just to click a picture from one side and send it to you,
    my high-pitch voice