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    Dear Once-Best-Friend,

    How are you? Hope you are well. You know, all I can do is hope, because I have no way of actually knowing how you are. We haven’t talked for months, not because we didn’t get time, but it was you who didn’t, or maybe didn’t want to talk at all. So what could I do, after putting in so much of efforts? I finally gave up. Yes, I give up. On someone I called home.

    Do you know, how hard was it for me to write that salutation? My heart literally shattered into thousand small pieces, but there was no you to hold it this time. Or the past four times that this has happened. You see, this is not the first time that something like this is happening between us. I told you about it every time, but this. I gave you four chances to make it work. And you tried, not taking your credit where it’s due, but after sometime, it was quite evident of what your heart had decided. Of letting me go. And so, I had no option, but to give up on someone I called home.

    We don’t live in the same city anymore, and probably, that’s what widened our rift. The rift that we always thought brought us together, the rift that we thought made us somewhat an anomaly, or special. But I’m left wondering, in this dark room, if such a thing existed at all. You did care for me, and probably you still do. But you know, that’s not how things work. Just by caring. You need to tell them what they mean to you, not daily, but at times. You need to message them, call them, ask them when are they coming back so you two can get together and share your collective experiences over a cup of coffee. But I guess, that was too much to ask from you, was it? I don’t blame you, you know. I wouldn’t have been friends with myself either. And so, I have to give up on someone I called home.

    I have written a lot about you, all in appreciation though. And don’t take this otherwise. This is neither appreciation, nor depreciation. It just is. Probably the last time I’m writing to you. I wish you the happy life that you deserve, with all the people you let in your life, with someone who has already replaced me, I feel. I’ll stay here though, because for me, there can’t be another you. Ever. You're someone who made me who I am, and I’m grateful for that fact. Always will be. But I guess, it’s time I stand up for myself, and give up. They say that sometimes giving up or letting go hurts less, than holding on. And I hope it’s true, because I’m giving up on someone I called home.

    Wish you luck.

    Only love,


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