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    They made there way to their classroom where as usual boys were lining up to see Maria on of the boys from crowd came froward and gave Maria a chocolate Box saying "I have liked you Maria for a very long time pls be my GIRLFRIEND" UGHH!! The same cheap line move I have class Maria said leaving the boy heart broken Lilly got up to her respective seat and sat down soon drifting to her lalaland when suddenly there was a bang there stood

    Lilly's dance teacher the worst of all she was the kind of person who would humiliate a dead body

    She stared at all the students looking for the perfect students to be selected for she said "whoever wants to take part in dance pls go outside I want some students for the upcoming performance" with that she left Lilly's classroom then Lilly and Maria had their little conversation whether they should go outside or not Lilly was refusing but Maria insisted so she went with her

    Outside there stood mrs maroon Lilly's dance teacher everyone was excited including Lilly and Maria the teacher told them to stay in line one bye one she was writing their names on the piece of paper after Maria it was Lilly's turn she was happy about it but things took a wrong turn.....

    Ps:sorry for the late update

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