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    When life brings on troubles
    That make it hard to carry on
    When the heart breaks into pieces
    And it turns broodingly forlorn
    When close friends abandon you
    And you fear you’ll never be heard
    When tears form a never ending stream
    Feelings slowly take the form of words
    When the world begins to spin out of control
    And existence comes to a halt with a screech
    When fear, loss, neglect, betrayals take centre stage
    And happiness seems to be out of reach
    When life stands on the edge of a knife
    Slicing hope and pushing one to their lowest
    Then finding comfort in inking pain on reams
    Eventually everyone becomes a poet


    26th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Watercolour feather quill pen and inkwell by Wallasso

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