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    This entire concept of GODSLAVE SATAN GODDESSES and even including this latest topic MESSIAH is something like I'm doing it not for any timepass (but the reality is IT WAS INDEED STARTED FOR A TIMEPASS REASON ONLY but now has become a big mistake (don't know whether to call it a mistake because I have matter related to the world which can't be considered as a mistake)), I'm writing this edition because now I feel even WHETHER IT IS DIVINITY OR EVIL, BOTH THE ASPECTS HAVE THEIR CONTROLS ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA. We idiot humans believe that SOCIAL MEDIA IS OUR CONCEPT, MOBILE PHONES AND EVERYTHING WE POSSESS ARE OURS BUT Now I start feeling like THOUGH EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE WE OWN IT, STILL IT IS CONFUSING LIKE WHETHER WE WON'T IT OR IT OWNS US. We won't know to answer this simple question THAT WHETHER THOSE THINGS ARE OUR SLAVES OR WE ARE THEIR SLAVES. The concept is toughest than those times scripts. I THOUGHT ONLY THOSE TIMES LANGUAGES WERE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND BUT NOW I FEEL THAT THOSE TIMES LANGUAGES ARE NOTHING IN FRONT OF HAPPENINGS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE. I'm a sound minded person, still I don't know what to call this state of condition. Somehow I feel THOSE WHO HAVE EARNED FAME, MONEY AND MANY THINGS IN LIFE DON'T KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN THEIR NEXT LIFE, if they would have got that information HOW GOOD IT WOULD BE? But is it possible. Like this HOW GOOD IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IF THIS EARTH WOULD HAVE BEEN WITH A MESSIAH INSTEAD OF SO MANY BLIND BELIEFS AND SUPERSTITIONS.