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    #absent presence# happiness# meaning# wordporn#
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    Sitting on a roof top at 1AM talking about life
    Big silence in his heavy voice
    weight in his heart makes her turmoil
    Her mind is shattered sometimes‍♀️
    Joyous when feel herself cuddled‍♀️
    He come and go passing along the way
    Typify shadow in a sway
    And in between she find herself,but knows she is never here to stay
    Long since gone by,find her in the moments of magic
    Your small talks although something that bring such big feelings
    Cool wind blowing, that's her hand on your face
    Curtain rolling over your face,that's she wipeing your murkiness
    Trees giving you shade, that's her sheltering embrace
    Sun giving you freckles while working, that's she tickling her boy
    When rain wet your hair in the winning match, those were her tears of joy for you
    When out of cold you enfold yourself in blanket, that's she holding you tight
    Like oceans absorbs all the colours but blue
    So will she reflect her presence for you