• elisebeth 26w

    The Sun in my Sky

    I have become a worrior
    Protecting the heart roaming outside of my chest
    An expert explorer
    Guiding him on this adventure called life
    A proud teacher
    Cheering him on as he challenges himself
    A doctor
    Addressing the pain of his many bumps and bruises
    A counselor
    Helping him understand those complicated feelings
    A chef
    To create with love, his favorite meals
    And let's not forget to mention
    A date to fun Friday night movies
    And while I became all these things for him,
    For me , from the very first glance he became
    My definition of unconditional, unimaginable, heart warming love
    A Never ending source of joy accompanied by an equal amount of fright
    For how can I ever begin to imagine being a sky without my sun..