• vasrants 63w

    The Smell of Soup.

    Soup soup soupy soup.
    tangy, spicy you are my sweety!

    My bowl is full of you,
    While I goble all of you.

    You never fail to impress me,
    Even if you are just a Tad!!
    My expectation of you is you.
    I realised, I have grown to like you.
    You have always been usual and boring,
    But now, I realise that you are indeed caring.

    Life is up and sometimes down.
    But you are my constant everytime.
    Your aroma, tweaks my ears and my taste buds.

    You are a philosopher, and my friend.
    Its easy to make you, it's easy to flavour you.
    I earnestly tell you, I realise I love you.
    I love you, your smell everything
    Cause you are my soup, tempered with herbs
    My health and my life is going to be dedicated to you.

    I sob as I write, this is not a poem. Not anything relevant, yet I pour down my heart to you oh soup. I love you just the way you are!!!