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    Longing for LOVE beyond before THE end

    my dreams
    How have you changed my dreams
    How many you fell and stood
    How much you suffered and cried
    I wiped your tears with pain ink
    I tried to help you but I was in a deeper hole
    We won't despair, will we?
    You won't announce our tiredness yet
    Me and you forever until the last breath
    It's not my story or yours
    It's our story together, we must finish what we started
    Can't stand in the middle
    Not after all we've seen and heard
    You are in my mind but I wish I was too
    I don't want you, my dream, to fly alone, away from me
    Like lovebirds we will fly together
    My wound you are its cure
    don't leave me
    do not let me
    No matter how old you get, my happiness grows
    I see roses picking their leaves, so what should I do?!
    How did you disappear so suddenly
    I even forgot your face
    But I have never forgotten the times of your support
    I have not forgotten the times you caressed the courtyards of my mind
    I've been looking for you for so long
    Why you did leave? Say why?
    At night on the lights of the stars we used to stay up together
    ....(to be continued....)

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    ' Longing for LOVE beyond before THE end '

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