• sumana_chakraborty 76w


    This life has given me so many colours to rejoice
    Red , green , yellow , purple , orange
    So many flavours and fragrance
    But blue in excess ...
    In myriad shades
    Light to darkest
    Shallow to deepest
    I live with them to the fullest
    Come whatever ,
    Blues or rues
    I fight
    I struggle
    I wail
    I reminisce
    The deepest dolours .
    Since when they have invaded
    They have seasoned
    The contours of my heart
    A greater part
    They are fixed , constant , reliable , trustworthy
    They never depart
    And joy , happiness , mirth , laughter ...
    They are liars , deceivers
    They wither
    They are ephemerals
    They change their colours
    Sprinkle dreamdust to orbs
    And rotate round and round
    Akin a wheel
    Pivoted around the crown of that king
    Yes , The Great Royal "Grief."


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    ©sumana_chakraborty ( please read the caption )