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    You were birthed under
    skies bloodless and blue
    child of the starlight
    with the wild of the
    forest branded on
    your skin; the heat
    of the fire and
    brimstone bursting
    through your veins
    an arrow waits to
    be let go from the
    palm of your hands
    you vow to aim
    straight and true
    as it soars
    past your eyes
    the wind carrying
    it beyond mortal sight.

    You hold this sand
    grainy and golden
    in your fingers
    watching it float
    from one shore
    to the other
    they talk in
    hushed voices about
    your soul and how
    they want you to
    tame it, tether
    yourself to the
    ordinary; and the
    ocean howls into
    the distance and
    the chaos that is
    born is silent
    as you let the
    waves carry you away.

    - Avitaj

    @dopamine @thegreymetaphor @greypages_ @accismus

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    You were birthed under skies, bloodless and blue.