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    Warning:Religious content.Reader discretion is advised.

    Born of a virgin, Alcmene.
    A God for a father, Zeus.
    The only begotten.
    The savior.
    The good shepherd, the prince of peace, bringing gentle persuasion & divine wisdom.
    He died, joined his father on Olympus [a 1000 years before Gethsemane.]

    You see, the early Christian leaders, they threw away Hebrew manuscripts & borrowed from pagan sources all over the place. Taken alone the philosophical teachings of Jesus are Buddhists with a Hebrew accent: Kindness, tolerance, brotherhood, love, a ruthless realism acknowledging that life is as it is here on earth, here & now. The kingdom of God, meaning goodness, is right here, where it should be. That's what buddha brought in. That's what Jesus taught.

    But then a talking snake made a lady eat an apple, that's where Jesus got screwed. Heaven & hell were peddled so priests could rule through seduction & terror, save our souls that we never lost in the first place. Buddha & Jesus would laugh or cry if they'd known what was done in their name.

    Ceremony, ritual, processions, genuflecting, moaning, intoning, venerating cookies & wine, that's not what Jesus had in mind. Everywhere, religion from exalting life to purging joy as a sin, Rome does it as grand opera. A simple path to goodness needs a supernatural roadmap!

    Ps: Believe in what he tried to teach, without rigmarole. Piety is not what the lessons bring to people. It's the mistake they bring to lessons.

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    But then a talking snake made a lady eat an apple.That's where jesus got screwed.