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    @an_eleutheromaniac I heart you monkey❤��

    I recall the first time I saw your photo and I just kept staring at you. It was the first time you showed yourself to me. From that day, today, we've come a long way. Never has a day come when I haven't felt love for you less than the previous day. It has always just increased..
    There are so many things that I wish to do along with you. Going places is one of them and building our place is another. Both have their own importance. Yes, I wish to wake up with you to an overcast weather with a slight breeze at a little cottage of a guest house in the hills..❤
    Every night, in dim light..
    Those two tired faces..
    Smile at each other in video calls..
    Hoping to hold their hands soon!

    Finally..we met��

    I GOT TO MEET HIM! It was a journey for sure and a lot happened .. This guy is so worth everything and then some. I love him so much. Long distance ain’t got nothing on us man�� I finally made it to him..

    No matter how many beautiful faces, you set your eyes upon..
    If you already set your heart upon someone...
    You will hardly notice anyone!!

    It's amazing,
    I feel so refreshed
    Like I'm a new person..

    It's like taking in a
    deep breath of fresh air..
    After being trapped under water for so long ...

    It's been a while since the last time I saw this smile ..
    I've forgotten what it's like to really smile..
    No longer needed to hide my feelings ..

    The dusty butterfly's in my stomach have awaken..
    And are happier than ever♡♡

    I am literally mad for you❤

    P.S. we look the cutest together❤

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