• ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 29w


    Sit down and read me like a book
    Don't judge me just by my look
    Like every other human, I too
    need to be love more and more

    Friends do not draw near
    Dying without notice is all I fear
    Living with a broken heart
    Only adds pain to my body parts

    Acting like I'm all strong
    Perhaps that's where I have gone wrong
    I needed someone to lean on
    But it seems I only have me, myself and I

    I believe things will get better
    But will things ever get better?

    I look inside the mirror, I hate what I see
    All the lies hidden behind my mask
    when I pull it off my face

    I hope things will be fine
    I'm tired of this life of mine
    I wish for great things to happen
    But in the end will I ever by happy?