• spicywords 148w

    Love prey

    Dark magic they say,
    when love is too excessive.
    In this state I find myself.
    Being showed the other face she possessed​.
    Deceit was the receipt I was paid for all the affection, attention I showed.
    I gave her the Care that was rare.
    Love her with all my heart.
    To an extent I couldn't remember how we started.
    How can i be your prey.
    When all I pray.
    For, was a lady who will love me .
    Instead you stole my emotions
    And left me without my soul.
    Cause me more harm than good.
    You Became parasitic.
    You Drew out stories and show me how much you are artistic.
    In my memories I still can't forget those pink lips and those hips so thick.
    How can I overcome this hurdles
    Endless thoughts of mine in bundles.
    Is it the dinner night decorated with candles.
    Or how we spice up our social media handles.
    I couldn't take my mind of you.
    Because it chooses you more than myself
    Am stucked and it sucks loving you
    Am a prey to you
    And I wish I have a pre-dator(predator)
    That will take us back to the beautiful times that's enriched with good memories.

    Copyright Spicywords