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    Once when I was young,
    I chased amber sunsets in
    my rainbow bicycle along
    the green hills I called home.
    Oh! But the ding dong of
    my bike's sing song made
    Old Yueri chuckle boyishly.

    Once when I was young,
    I'd fashion hairdos out of
    mama's precious muslin
    scarves and wear her
    black stilettos to wobble
    around the kitchen, much
    to Papa's delight and
    mama's exasperated

    Once when I was young,
    the marigolds and the
    hyacinths in our backyard
    stood taller than me and I'd
    stare and stare in green envy
    till (I fancy) I morphed
    into them and grew
    flowers out my
    bedazzled orbs.

    Once when I was young,
    I raced in glee to the mountain's
    call. Perched atop his shoulder,
    I cupped my hands and yodelled
    aloud my love and pranced in mirth
    to hear the birds the animals
    echo back their love to me.

    And now I've outgrown the
    flowers. The mountains, I
    love, grow houses out of them.
    But should I meet a fairy who'd
    humour me, I'd like to go back to
    chasing butterflies barefoot under
    the golden autumn sun
    every dreamy eve.

    ©Meri Murry
    9th Sept. 2021

    P.s: I took "Once when I was young" very literally ��
    #once #wod
    Thank you for the Ec ��

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    Once When I Was Young