• roxana91 60w

    Still thinking of you

    You went through my life,
    But you didn't stop.
    Sometimes I wonder,
    Why did you show up?

    I keep feelings like secrets,
    But what I feel for you is true,
    Not just a coincidence.
    And that makes me think of you.

    You stayed for a while,
    You left in a hurry,
    When I saw you leave,
    I couldn't believe you would do it.

    I was stuck,
    Counting your steps,
    Who am I,
    Why do I feel abandoned?

    You went through my veins
    Until you reached the heart,
    Sometimes I wonder,
    What happened in fact?

    You were part of my life,
    Unfortunately only for a short time,
    You left, but I'm still thinking about you.