• fragment 52w

    The Seer's Crawl

    Can you see the Moon ?!
    She solicits emotions and fortune ;
    Stealing her light from the Sun ,
    Fated to eviternal duty while she croons .

    Beneath her and to the right
    We can visit her stubborn neighbor , Mars .

    Behold his warlike might — !
    Glowing red against the monochromatic veil of dying stars .

    Hypnotized by this transcendental wall ,
    The truth is that I am lost in their esoteric thrall !

    Greedy for their abstruse lessons and
    Showering myself in
    Ethereal light

    " Please , enlighten me with the sight ! "

    before my mortality mercilessly sees to it

    that I succumb and


    d i s s o l v e . . .

    © Katherine Bernhardt