• roshnisharma 7w

    Love isn't always meant to stay forever,but that doesn't mean it was unreal....
    Love is only meant to teach you something
    You were the best thing that happened to me
    Every happy memory I have is linked with you,
    I learnt that the world isn't such a bad place after all.
    There's soo much music left to dance to. There r sooo many Stars left tooo count .
    You were there to lstn to me ,no matter what.
    Conspiracy theories ,my darkest thoughts, you'd lstn
    & That was it all along ,I just needed to be heard
    You unearthed me, only then did I know, I tooo could bloom

    Even though you have to goo now , I will never forget ur part in my lyf .. The love I have for you ,will never change
    The next time we meet, I hope,we can pick up right where we left it ..But ,until then I wish only the best for you
    You deserve the happiness u create.
    Relationships end, love doesn't..


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