• tokillabibliophile 80w

    Rainbow Ink

    This moment, it tastes of bitter coffee,
    Warm and coarse,
    Like a lover's kiss under a starry sky,
    Like a planet revolving in slow motion,
    It feels like charms and dreams,
    Running through threaded strings,
    Like hot melted chocolate between your fingers,
    Smooth and sweet and free.

    My life is full of unfulfilled fantasies,
    Of getting out and walking the streets
    Of strange conversations with known strangers
    Of stories, death, hurt and patience,
    Of a silent sideways smile,
    Of new worlds every mile.

    I would if I could, I tell myself very often
    I would if I could.
    I would live my sparkling wines,
    My starry skies,
    My seashore walks,
    My windy sidewalks,
    My hot roasted corn in speeding trains,
    My warm blankets and books and rains.

    Instead, what I do is run away,
    From things, words, people,
    Overwhelming myself with noise on the outside,
    Drowning out screams of eternal lies.
    Sometimes, a pen and paper is all the kindness you save,
    Sometimes, you've got to bleed to cave,
    Sometimes the blood is black and blue,
    And sometimes, that's enough.
    Sometimes, it's a splash of red,
    And just like that, my dear,
    It's not enough.