• allbymyself 42w

    The song from your lip
    is a memory, a scream
    from the forgotten skies
    the fire on your breath
    is the scar tissue from
    a scorned sun; the starlight
    from a crashing meteor
    that is marked by life yet
    carries the scent of death.

    The words that fall from
    your half opened mouth
    are switch blade knives
    that cut through the edges
    of my skin, a whisper
    that slices through my
    bone with the force
    of a sledgehammer.

    The story you narrate
    as the starlight slips in
    through the blinds is
    inchoate, as indecisive
    as the thoughts that
    run like unchecked
    rainwater in your mind
    your face an uncut gem
    a treasure that I might
    forever seek but never find.

    - Avitaj

    Hi @raika_ @thegreymetaphor @dopamine

    Picture credit- Lucas Newton

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    She bent most of the rules. She broke the rest.

    - Victoria Schwab