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    The title is taken from the song , memories by maroon 5.

    Soliciting soothe or sliding off from the jalousie and sprigs of vexatious life's episodes. I baked cashmere sweaters and serapes for my loved ones.

    This word was unfathomable for me but after setting foot into this chock-a-block of colors (miraquill) and benevolence I stumbled on many comely hearts and glimmering diamonds.

    Scarcely any, are those whom my heart esteems and idolize and a hue of camaraderie can be felt with them. Part of and few are those who were there with every fluctuation of my vicissitudes. They armoured my unsubstantial and wobbly thoughts and fulgurated my mythical and mystical fears with warmth and rapport. An accord of serenity and propinquity is also burgeoning with them.

    A soupçon of these tinctures and the book of my existence one or two has known and they are the most idiotic and idyllic homosapiens. Co-conspirators, musketeers and a bona fide interrelatedness is what expound them as my heartbeats.

    They are buddies the ones who knows how to hotchpotch someone's sorrows and fuel a soul with optimism and blithe.

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    A very happy birthday to you all. Stay blessed and happy always. May all your dreams and wishes come true. In the End, Danco (ϋ)/♩

    Cakes and chocolates for me 乁 ˘ o ˘ ㄏ

    @writersnetwork thank you so much, team. Glad to have your support and presence <3

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    Toast to the ones here today, toast to the ones that we lost on the way

    O sky'
    Our banausic musings
    can impinge with thy homespun
    aperture we may then descry
    feu d'artifice on your nimbus
    where those kites are stuck
    which we tried to flit in air in
    our salad days

    O sky'
    puff of balloons we will
    dangle those around the
    ridges of Moon and the
    sun will sparkle the candles
    with combustion of its
    flamous elflocks and
    holocaust orbs

    O sky'
    crochet a birthday wish
    with asteroids and fireflies on
    your chest we will cut the cake
    bedecked by the grandma of thy
    crescent and wrap the gifts
    in your furbelow

    O sky'
    we will sew satellites of hope
    we will sing songs of longevity
    we will place giggle-mugs on the uppercase of poems
    we will clad the postmeridian to glisten nights
    we will play hide-and-seek with dewdrops and rainbows

    O sky'
    let our dreams come true
    we want to sleep in your cold and tranquil arms

    _ you shan't turn dark let's celebrate life.